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Founded in mid 2015 the company’s goals are to set up and offer the following:
– Work with teachers and schools to provide expertise, teaching curriculum and educational robotic platforms and events.
– Local and internet sales of electronics and robotic parts (RadioShack just won’t do)
– Build a strong robotics enthusiast base and technical resource on the Central Coast via connecting and supporting local schools and holding local robotic meetups.

Future goals: 
– Robotics and robot design and product sales.
– Web-based robot control solutions/services with full A/V.
– Develop local, regional, and international robotics conventions with robotic combat and robotic tech demonstrations (we want to bring RoboGames and BattleBots to the Central Coast!)


Shane Weddle – Founder and CEO.

Shane Weddle
Shane is the founder and CEO of SLO Robotics which he founded in 2015.  His vision to bring robotics to San Luis Obispo and the surrounding area is the driving force behind the company.
Contact Shane
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David Thomas – Director of Education

David Thomas
David is the Director of Education for SLO Robotics.  He, together with Shane, develop and teach the Arduino and Robotics classes for both kids and adults.
Contact David
– dthomas@slorobotics.com
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Cindy Thomas – Executive Administrator

Cindy Thomas
Cindy is the executive administrator for SLO Robotics.  She coordinates class registration, social media, and the website.
Contact Cindy
– cthomas@slorobotics.com
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Duke – Robotics Engineering Volunteer 

Duke Wright
Duke is a volunteer at SLO Robotics and lead contributor to the RoboRTC, R12, and R8 Projects. Additionally, he helps maintain the backend web servers.
Contact Duke
– dwright@slorobotics.com
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2282 Exposition Dr
San Luis Obispo CA, 93401

Phone: 805-762-4288

Email: questions@slorobotics.com